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Life Style

Fits right in ~ its like it was supposed to have always been there

On the Patio

Barrel Kamado Love the skin you’re in.

Of course  recycling is a good thing. Not re-using something that is so beautiful would be a crime.

Each one is unique and shows off a lovely patina on french oak. We know that the Barrel Kamado  is something your friends and family will also enjoy.

  • Each Barrel Kamado is Handcrafted in the UK

  • They are intelligently designed to ensure that the inside is as flexible as possible for all types of cooking with fire

  • Grates are divided in half and can be placed over three levels

  • Additional levels can be added with additional extension racks

  • When not in use, it becomes a table and fits right in to any outdoor setting

  • You are going to love the ooohs and aaahs when you show it to your friends,
    then there is the food it produces

  • This provides a fantastic experience for the serious outdoor cooking enthusiast

It is early days for us. However, we have lots of new innovative designs in the pipeline. Our focus is life-long products that are Thoroughly Thought Through. (triple “T” approach)

  • They have to be good at what they do. (if not the best)

  • They have to give outstanding value for money.

  • They have to be of heirloom quality – meaning you buy these for your grandchildren to use.

  • We want you to say – “I love this..”

Our Thoughts

If you are someone that appreciates products that are in a class of their own – you are going to love what we have made for you.

Some other shots

The great thing about a Barrel Kamado is it can be used is so many ways. It just looks so cool!

Its a table
Its a tablePart of the garden.
Pull up a stool, open a beer enjoy the sun.
Another table
Another tableThere are many designs
These could be granite, oak, glass, slate large, small – your choice.
Barrel Chair
Barrel ChairSets off your Barrel Kamado
We will make these available in due course.

These are just waiting to be Barrel Kamados. I truly hope you get one, because as my friend has said: “Its something I am Proud to own.”

Nigel Fenton
connoisseur of such things.