good BBQ food


Imagine what your friends will think when you show them just how good BBQ food can taste. 

Patent Pending.

Barrel Kamado is

Super Insulated

Grill + Smoker + Oven


Spot the difference?

Nothing Tastes Better Than Handmade .

We know that as a grill master and outdoor cooking aficionado you love nothing more than savouring the flavour of every single bite. It’s why we do things the right way from the moment you get in touch, putting those finishing touches in place that make your Barrel Kamado truly one of a kind: 

  • Certificate of Authenticity so you know you’re getting the real thing.
  • Unique Serial Number that makes yours truly unique in every way
  • Bordeaux 225L Oak Barrels for a look you’ll love forever
  • Fully Documented handmade crafting that even shows your BK being made – you get the first and last look at the inside of your BK.
Barrel Kamado

Bringing Your Barrel Kamado To Life 

We love what we do because it allows us to turn something that’s no longer needed into the perfect addition to any cook’s garden or backyard. It’s about combining great design, mouthwatering food, sustainability, and authentic craftsmanship together in perfect harmony. 

The story of your Barrel Kamado begins in France where your solid oak barrel is seasoned and handled with care for years. We then start our search and find the perfect piece for your project, bring it over to our farm in the heart of Devon, and get to work. Before you know it you’ll be taking delivery of the finishing touch your home has waited a lifetime for, all with a little help from a team unlike any other. 

kamado smokerkamado smoker
kamado smoker
kamado smoker

A Few Words For The Tech Lovers….

Aerogel is very special stuff. Invented in the 1930s by Samuel S. Kistler.
It is said that if you insulate a house with aerogel you can heat the house with a candle – but after a while, it would get too hot!

For us, it is a phenomenal material that allows the outside to remain cool irrespective of how long the BK has been cooking. We use a dense 1800°c refractory at the hot face. A  1400°c insulating refractory to form the inner shell and insulating layers between the Oak and the refractory. Where it is needed, we will use multiple layers of insulation.

In this diagram, we can show the various layers of refractory and insulation that allows us to have a fire in wood.
To be fair – no part of the barrel is ever exposed to the intense heat let alone any flames. We simply create a fire-brick inner chamber within the cask itself. The density and the insulation work to create the right conditions to trap smoke and retain the heat – the perfect environment for a smoked brisket.

The refractory next to the fire is the dense ‘hot-face’ 1800°c there is a massive amount wrapped around the fire-basket. Then we have blanket insulation next to the insulating refractory then more blanket then foil and finally the Oak

These are Prototypes

We have made them better!


On the image below Click top-right for full screen.

page-2 bk
page-3 bk
page-1 page-2 bk page-3 bk page-4 page-5 page-8 page-6 page-10 page-7 page-9 page-11 page-12 page-13 page-14 page-15 page-19 page-18 page-17 page-21 page-20 page-16 page-22 page-23 page-25 page-24 page-29 page-27

More Control.

Imagine halfmoon grate with vegies nearly ready and the other has chicken thighs waiting to crisp up. On the side with the chicken set the top and bottom micro vent to full open: result  – more air to the correct side of the fire and more heat flow to the correct side of the grates.

Also, it is possible to place smoking wood on one side of the fire basket and move the fire to that wood when you choose. Or run one side of the kamado hotter than the other.

The BK can also run as a simple kamado. Use the bottom main vent and set the top vents the same opening. Doing this, is the same as a kamado with the traditional one-up and one-down vent configuration.

To emulate a simple kamado set the top-vents to the same opening and use only the main bottom vent. However, if you want more control, adjust where the air, heat, and smoke flows then we have you covered.

A complaint we had with many top-vent designs was that they make a mess by leaking condensation onto the lid, or they rust or let rain in or they were too hot to adjust without gloves. it took some thinking, however, we are happy with the result and it fits with the ascetic of BK.
The twin top-vents have corresponding micro-bottom vents – these channel air to either side of the fire basket. Simply designed to be used with magnetics that control the air intake. These can also take adaptors for BBQ pit controllers.  

Designed and built in Devon – UK

Built using French white oak wine barrels. Each barrel has had years of aging fine wines. A barrel has a useful life of 4 years. Each stave is different  – they are expertly carved and made into – a work of art.

Perfect Pizzas – Built and designed by you.

A versatile machine, with many possibilities. You might like ribs, I like ribs, however, sometimes I like pizza or Brisket, or smoked duck, or Pulled pork, or seared steak or… anything over flames.

The inside is what makes a great kamado.

good BBQ food

With many levels,  vertical division, different cooking surfaces, and 5 vents – this is flexible cooking.

Oh my – super juicy, super tender

Barrel Kamado

Apple, Oak, Cherry, Beech, Pear, Walnut, Coconut, Pecan, Almond, birch.. and we have not begun with the types of meat, the different cuts, the marinades, the rubs, the sauces.. It’s a lifetime of fun.

Baking bread on your BBQ

Barrel Kamado

As an oven – this is superb – roasting a joint of meat over the flames or campfire casseroles dishes, that cannot be created inside a domestic appliance.

Wood fired – 450°c Pizza

Barrel Kamado

Crusty base ~ pillowy dough ~ melting bubbling toppings with a hint of fire. These are the pizza that elude the big pizza chains. You will get something close to heaven.

Move the fire basket under the cast iron ~ place the steak on top.

Barrel Kamado

A game chainging steak ~ that has been my first and latest reaction. Simply awesome.

A Barrel can hold a lot of wine 300 bottles – or a lot of food.

Barrel Kamado

With an additional ‘extender’ there can be 4 levels of food ~ huge amount. The amount of space inside allows you to be unconstrained!

This just might be the best configuration.

Barrel Kamado

You open the lid, on the in-direct side – apple-smoked garlic and lemon chicken – you roll them over to the direct flames for crispy skin finish – you are a grill god!

Anyone can have ordinary.

Barrel Kamado

Not everyone chooses ~ Awesome.

Flexible cooking.

good BBQ food

Pit Masters insist on cast iron grates, you get cast iron from the ‘get-go’! Let’s start this journey with the right kit – you get the best results by having the best kit!

Shipped with the BK are 3 heavy cast iron Halfmoon slotted grates, a solid Halfmoon grate – ribbed on one side – smooth on the other, a grate extender making it possible to have three cooking levels within the BK – four if you bought an additional extender – that’s a lot of cooking space.

The pizza Stone is thick (14mm)  ceramic and very large 42cm Ø- you can make small pizza’s on a large stone – but not the other way around.

BK comes with a Stainless steel fire basked with a removable divider, Halfmoon ceramic heat detectors, and a fire basket grate. The top-vents have been designed and made by us – we are not going for cheap-off-the-shelf. They can be removed for the table top option.

It Just Looks Cool

We didn’t just create Barrel Kamado to perform better than anything else out there on the market — we built it to look better while it does it. Just what you want to hear when you’re ready for something that looks as good as it cooks – like your food handmade!


That leaves just one last question to ask…

I want one!

Where are they made?

good BBQ food

We are so lucky to find ourselves on a beautiful Devonshire farm. This is where we make our Barrel kamado. No mass production, just delivering happiness.

I want one!

Good night.