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The Details

We want the Barrel Kamado not only to look good – it has to deliver too. So we set about designing the inside to be as flexible as we can. There is a lot of space inside a barrel. So with multiple levels and in combination with different materials, cast iron, ceramic, stainless, stone,  we believe we have something with a lot of cooking options.

The wood itself is a good insulator, however, we have gone further. From the fire to the outside there are 5 different layers.  The different refractories offer to complement properties that when used in combination gives us the ability to hold fire inside the wood. This is why the barrel stays cool even when the fire is raging. The visual effect of fire inside a wooden barrel is something that is delightful.


The magic is on the inside.

Lots of space, lots of options.

We just want you to have a lot of fun experimenting with the Barrel Kamado. It’s not just a pretty thing it’s a sophisticated thing too.

Barrel Kamado

Low & Slow

Apple wood Smoke

3-2-1 Ribs

3 – Hours: lay your ribs in the grate .

2 – Hours: wrapped with apple juice, garlic.

1 – Hour: on the grill cover ribs with light BBQ sauce.


Total Control

Crispy Chicken

Lightly oil chicken thighs – cover in rub.

Cook lid closed on stone side until internal temp 70°c

Move across to cast iron grid – grill like a god.


Baking over and open fire.

The outdoor oven


Friday Night~Pizza Night

Crispy Base

Char Grilled


Steak House Quality

As a Table

Fits right in

Even my wife likes it.

Traditional heritage

100% French White Oak

For All Seasons

Its made to


Loads of space