Kamado is Japanese for a type of ‘Stove’ that has existed for thousands of years. Today they are usually large ceramic pots which often have a top and bottom vents that control temperature by regulating air flow.

Kamados are versatile and can be used for a wide range of cooking styles. From Low & Slow to Searing Grill or even a Pizza Oven.

Using the far-eastern cooking method and combining it with an icon of western culinary art and science; the beautiful Bordeaux wine barrel, we present to you the Barrel Kamado.

The result is a juxtaposition ~ the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.


These are French white oak barrels. Each barrel has been used to mature and enhance some of the greatest red wines in Europe. Bordeaux barrels are made to comply with very high standards, no knots, carefully selected French White Oak, often 24mm think which is seasoned for many years before being made into a barrel. The barrel is then used to age wine for approximately four years before they become available for conversion. In that time the barrel develops its own unique patina, which continues to get better with age.

  • Super Insulated Refractory.

  • Grill , Oven,  Smoker,  Sear,  Pizza

  • An attractive focal point

  • Exterior remains cool when in use.

  • A classic timeless design.

  • Proudly handcrafted in the UK

  • Fits naturally into any outdoor setting

When not in use, the vents can be removed to use as a table.

When we are not cooking:-  When we just want some time in the garden with friends,  grab some stools, a cold beer enjoy the sun.

Great as a table.

When we are cooking:- Oh yes, she is a thing of beauty. Sits there holding the temperature with wisps of delicate smoke.

Great for a Brisket.

The tension on the counterbalanced hinge can be adjusted easily.

The  lid is ~60kg  this with the rest of the mass helps create a very stable cooking environment.

The use of a counterbalanced hinge enables the weighty lid to be opened and closed with little effort. The hinge can be adjusted without the need for tools.

The super-insulated walls of the BK require little fuel to maintain the temperature. Keeping the fire low and slow requires less air. Less air means less drying out of the food. Result – moist, flavoursome fine food.

Below are some videos of Barrel Kamado.

50Kg Lid: The tension on the counterbalanced hinge can be adjusted easily.


Steaks over flames.


Smoke and Tem Check.