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This is the Barrel Kamado – A superb Smoker, Grill, and Oven.

We promise you will be delighted with this artisan handmade product.  This is not your everyday kamado.

You are going to be amongst the very best in the world once you master this beauty.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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This is the Barrel Kamado – it’s a Smoker, Grill and Oven.

Of course, it looks different from the usual ceramic kamados.  However, in creating this we needed to create a kamado that gave technical advantages to the owner.

The materials we use are of the highest quality, cast iron grates, stainless fittings, etc. Many of them are simply hidden from the user. e.g. ceramic blankets, stainless steel framework aerogel etc.

As well as material advantages we wanted features that add to the design. The 5-vent system allows flexibility and control like no other kamado on the market. It is possible to direct heat, smoke, and air within the BK itself.  This greatly enhances direct and indirect cooking because the BK is able to place the heat where you want it.

The joy of rotisserie cooking was something that, once experienced is a must-have. The BK has an elegantly integrated rotisserie, where it is possible to have full width or it can be used in conjunction with Halfmoon grates.

When you combine the rotisserie, with the ability to divide and raise the fire basket – this takes the flexibility to another level. 



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Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 100 cm

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  1. Nigel Fenton

    This hands down has to be the best way to cook outside. No other kamado will cook like this.

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